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Knoxville cop fired immediately after photos show brutal choking of student

'Deep crisis' in language teaching at A-level - Telegraph

'It's Gone.' Community Copes With Deadly Mudslide - ABC News

TV's Judge Joe Brown jailed after courtroom argument, court says -

Pension Revolution Putting Long-Term Bonds at Risk: U.K. Credit - Bloomberg

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Coastal Calif. Town Knows Sorrows Mudslides Bring - ABC News

David Cameron: cash in your pension pot, and you may be liable for care - Telegraph

Southbound 5 Freeway lanes in Sun Valley to be closed until morning -

Win a Beauty In Wonderland hamper - Telegraph

How British satellite company Inmarsat tracked down MH370 - Telegraph

Sandra Fluke: At the Supreme Court, a potential catastrophe for women’s rights - The Washington Post

Pixies announce first studio album in over two decades - Telegraph

Climate Scientists in Japan to Study Warming Risks - ABC News

Hospital covered up mistakes that led to girl's death to avoid stressing staff - Telegraph

G-7 Threatens Russia With More Sanctions, Scraps Sochi Summit - Bloomberg

Five Things to Know for Your New Day – Tuesday, March 25, 2014 – New Day - Blogs

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BigDaddyCool724 Josh Shaw, USC football star, suspended after admitting heroic story a lie | Fox News via @foxnews

20:47 (EST) article from Fox News

WillyK RT @postlocal: After 40 years on the air in Washington, Arch Campbell says goodbye — sort of

seattlehandicap RT @UpshotNYT: @jbarro story on seat reclining threatens to break Upshot comment record: 2,024 for this story on U.S. middle class http://t…

DickandSharon RT @FFEUnyc: Our obligations to our fellows citizens from Stosh Cotler at @bend_thearc in the @washingtonpost

yokkmokk "The Crazy Quilt of Fall" by RUTH LA FERLA via NYT

andylancaster RT @TheH2: Happy Hour? RT @BlogsofWar: RT @WorldNews Life under ISIS: Public beheadings on Fridays, bodies displayed for days:…

20:47 (EST) article from ABC News

WattsAdvisor RT @SFGate: 10 of the least tax-friendly states across the nation:

King_Throws RT @YourAnonNews: School district bans classroom discussion on Michael Brown, #Ferguson (via @CopwatchNews) http://t…

ShelliD915 RT @USATODAY: Mental disorders keep thousands of homeless on the streets throughout the nation:

20:47 (EST) article from USA Today

ByMikeBrehm RT @ByKevinAllen: My story on injured hockey player Thomas Smith and how he hopes his Look-Up Line will keep others safe.…

20:47 (EST) article from USA Today

Abdomend4U Consumer Reports to pregnant women: Avoid tuna via @usatoday

20:47 (EST) article from USA Today

sunnewa RT @PeterHoweNECN: HT, major props to @adamtvaccaro @BostonDotCom for honestest #marketbasket headline in days

VAPolitical 3McDonnell daughter describes troubled marriage via @washingtonpost

Fringer RT @ProPublica: Amid partisan bickering, just 5% of Tex. corruption unit cases dealt w/ state officials…

newzealandbirds New York Today: Now Better for Birds via @nytmetro

20:47 (EST) article from 0

Maggyw519 RT @rosierifka: Many who live near Ferguson did not come away from the protests feeling hopeful

ChuckDofdaSouth RT @LAJourno: Beverly Hills police say they regret handcuffing, detaining black film producer before Emmys: http://…

20:47 (EST) article from LA Times

lawbioethics NYT: The Battle for the Future of Data Mining

20:47 (EST) article from 0

Dmitry_Jo RT @navalny: Ukraine Says Russian Forces Lead Major New Offensive in East -

x758x758 RT @cnntech: Apple may unveil the iWatch on September 9, reports @recode via @LaMonicaBuzz

20:41 (EST) article from CNN

AgenerationXer RT @LATimesCityGov: Some rockin waves at the Newport Beach Wedge in OC

20:41 (EST) article from LA Times

FarisAlami Interesting read!

tangymist RT @larussophobe: What was in those trucks? Ukrainians Say Russia Opens 3rd Front With New Offensive

asanjum RT @KenRoth: So now the "moderate" US-backed Free Syrian Army is beheading ISIS fighters? One atrocity begets another.…

rhUSMC RT @RealJamesWoods: Richard Attenborough dies RIP Sir I did a cameo in CHAPLIN just to work with this giant. What a …

20:41 (EST) article from USA Today

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