4 Tools Commonly Used by Private Investigator


Movies and Tv shows often misrepresent Private Investigators they do quite often get one thing right; there often ultra-resourceful, forward-thinking and independent. As such they commonly use many different ingenious and useful tools to assist them in their inquiries.

As technology has developed a lot of this equipment now resembles cutting-edge technology from the original Mission Impossible movies. So from tiny cameras to extendable ears, we list some of the more commonly found tools used by PIs, both high and low-tech.


Pen recorders


An ingenious solution to the bulky or not-so-subtle tape recorders of the past, with this you can on the surface be taking some helpful notes on what the subject is saying, while in reality, you are actually making two records of the conversation. Obviously, this holds far more weight in court, it’s one thing to have a disputable, written record of the conversation. But it’s a different thing entirely to have a recording of the defendant or accuser saying something in detail in their voice. These recorders are subtle, easy to transport and vital for the clued-up P.I.

Extendable Ears (Micro Bionic Super Ear)

These ingenious little devices allow you to have superhuman hearing. Kind of. They actually contains a super powerful microphone that can be directed very precisely to pick up sounds and conversations happening away from an audible distance. This is invaluable for an investigator as they can listen to what somebody is talking about without drawing the subject’s attention to them, potentially changing what is said and compromising the investigations. Different models come with additional features, from the ability to record or plug into an additional recording device, to models that boast the ability to listen to conversations happening at greater distances.

Mini Compressor and Jump Starter

Now, these would be extremely for laymen to carry in their car, but it’s an absolutely vital piece of kit that can get P.I out of any vehicle troubles that may occur during the course of an investigation. The compressor can be used to temporarily reflate tiers for a short amount of time while getting to a mechanic to replace the tire. The jump starter will temporarily recharge your battery to ensure you can again, get it to a place that can conduct further repairs.


In a lot of cases, insurance investigations mostly, the judge and jury will want to see clear, high-definition and steady footage. This can sometimes be hard to do when holding the camera with your hands, luckily a monopod will help eliminate the natural shake of the hands that can compromise footage.

Hopefully, this will enlighten you about some of the equipment used, for more information on different tools and methods used by your Private Investigator.

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