Repairs and Renovations Around your Property

swimming pool renovation

Sometimes there are jobs in and around our home that we just shouldn’t try ourselves. Maybe there’s a level of danger associated with the task, or maybe there’s an element of artistry or craftsmanship which we just are not capable of emulating.

This is when we really need to call in the professionals, companies who specialise in a particular field and can provide skill or equipment which may be difficult for the average house owner to acquire.

Here are a few service providers whom you may need to call on:


Bricklayer/stonemason – If you have external damage to your home or outbuilding it is probably best to call in the services of a bricklayer. Very small repairs may be attempted but to keep  a clean, uniformed finish to a property it is advisable to use the services of a specialist. The knowledge, tools, and materials these tradesmen use may seem quite easy to comprehend but the reality of carrying out the work is more complex than it initially appears. This profession has an inherent element of craftsmanship which the untrained homeowner has no knowledge of. Bricklayers and stonemasons must complete a task to a very exact standard. Most of us cannot say why we think stone or brick work is unattractive, but we are aware of a good or bad finish. These tradesmen will reinstate a wall or surface to within a very near match to its original state. THis is not an easy task for a DIY enthusiast.


swimming pool renovationSwimming pool renovations – What might seem like a simple repair can cause a while catalogue of problems if dealt with in an unprofessional manner. Swimming pools are notoriously underestimated when it comes to property repairs. If there are signs of damage in your pools – water discolourations, or loss of water, cracked tiles or concrete, etc, it is advisable to seek the services of a professional pool repair company. If left unchecked, or worse, if superficial repairs are made which disguise a possibly greater fault, there is a chance of serious damage being caused. Also, pool renovations should not be attempted by anyone with no training or experience. It may seem like a reasonably straightforward task to drain a pool and possibly make an extension in length or attach a child’s pool or jacuzzi, but there are structural issues to contend with which most owners are unfamiliar with.  Water egress and pump management are other potential pitfalls, as are unsuitable materials and suitability checks on the proposed site to be excavated. If a professional is not used and faults do occur there will likely be little or no insurance cover, and the ensuing restoration work may cost many times more than the initial budget for the project.

In Australia there are several reputable companies who can provide advice on all manner of pool repairs.  There is also guidance available for renovations by Perth Pool Co who have experience across the board on all types of indoor and outdoor pools.

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