Jobs not for the Handyman

electric work

We don’t always have time to carry out all the little repairs around our home, and on many occasions it may be easier to hire the services of a handyman to patch a few things up. Maybe you garden fence needs fixed up, or a leaky tap needs a new washer. Maybe some woodwork could do with a fresh coat of varnish, or a broken door handle needs replaced.


These are the everyday jobs the average handyman is great at. However, sometimes a task might need a little bit more specialist knowledge than a handyman can provide. It may be tempting to call in someone who may only charge a nominal fee for a few hours work, but the consequences of substandard workmanship on a job that needs a professional’s attention may cost much more in the long run.

Here are a few common mistake householders make when hiring a handyman:


electric workElectrical Work – Even if it’s only a small job, don’t be fooled into thinking a handyman is qualified to carry out any electrical work around your home. Sure, some may be suitably trained, but the truth is most qualified electricians will not advertise, or price jobs, as a handyman. If someone does offer to carry out any electrical work on your property make sure they have a the necessary credentials before accepting their services. If they are not qualified and there is a problem with their work, your insurers may not honour your claim. Insurance companies might view this as a form of negligence on the part of the homeowner.


Building Work – The structural integrity of a home may be compromised if untrained workers are hired to do any alterations or repairs. Many handymen are familiar with basic construction principles, but do not allow anyone except a trained builder to work on the main body of a property. If the wrong wall is altered, or a lintel is mistakenly removed the consequences can be fatal. Insurance companies will not honour claims under such circumstances, and homeowners can be held responsible for criminal negligence if there are any injuries or deaths as a result of unauthorised construction.


Arborist WorkArborist Work – Having trees pruned or felled may seem like a straightforward task, but if not carried out properly there can be unwelcome consequences. A tree surgeon is highly trained in the safe techniques of handling large and heavy tree limbs and trunks – often at a considerable height. Anyone who offers to do this kind of work must be suitably trained, experienced, and have the proper level of public liability insurance. Arborists need to be accredited with a national or international training body, and hold the appropriate qualifications from these organisations. Also, there is a need to use specialist machinery while working as a tree surgeon. This machinery can be dangerous to handle and if left in the hands of untrained individuals could pose a serious hazard to the user and others in the area.  For any arborist work only accredited companies like Perth based The Tree Firm should be considered.


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