Below The Line VS Above The Line Advertising 

What’s the difference between below the line and above the line? Above the line is a type of advertising such as TV ads, radio ads and billboards (or anything outdoor). Below the line advertising on the other hand consists of other methods such as direct mail, sampling and events. These days many smaller companies focus most of their budget in below the line advertising for three reasons:  Continue reading “Below The Line VS Above The Line Advertising “

Cash vs Mortgage 

You’re buying a house and you think you have enough to pay for it in cash. That way, you don’t have to apply for a housing loan and be in massive debt. However, you are afraid to put all your cash into a house and be left with inadequate savings for retirement and emergencies. Should you apply for a housing loan instead, so you can keep the bulk of your money and invest it on something that could earn interest? That could help you pay the monthly repayments. But what if something happens in the future that would prevent you from making monthly repayments? A bad investment, for example, or sickness in a family member that would necessitate long treatment and hospitalization? You could lose the house!  Continue reading “Cash vs Mortgage “