Three Interesting Facts About Guttering 

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Guttering might seem like quite a dull topic, and honestly there are a lot more interesting things out there, but it is not quite as boring as you might think.  As with most aspects of human history, there have been many twists and turns in the development and design of buildings and this includes guttering.  So before you dismiss the topic outright, why not have a quick read of these three interesting facts about guttering, and see if there isn’t something interesting lurking within.


1 – Guttering was invented by the Romans

Although what we think of as guttering today was first invented in the early 1900’s, the idea of guttering dates back to the Romans who would use gargoyles to direct water off of the roofs of their buildings.  These stone creatures would have a channel running through them and this would allow the water to cascade off of the roof a good distance from the building, protecting it from water damage.  This also tells us that gargoyles were not an advent of the middle ages and that guttering predates penicillin, so there are two little bonus facts.

2 – Guttering is landing people in hospital

Ok, so it’s not really the gutterings fault, but there is an ever increasing number of DIY ladder related accidents being reported in Australia each year.  As an average, around 5,000 people are hospitalised every year due to falls from ladders, and you can get a significant number of these are due to people trying to check and clean their guttering.  The morale of this story is to always be careful when using a ladder and to make sure you have a second person with you to not only hold the ladder, but to call for help should anything happen.

3 – Guttering can make a good home, and ruin yours

Gutter CleaningPoorly installed guttering, or guttering that requires maintenance, can very easily cause standing water to form in it, and this is what leads to all manner of wildlife being drawn to it.  This normally means insects, and whereas this might not sound like a problem but if there are enough insects being drawn to the standing water on your roof, there is a good chance that they will start to next nearby and the closest dark, warm place to this water source is going to be your attic.  Having insects nesting in your attic is a recipe for disaster as this will only invite more wildlife to your home and cause you further problems.  If you are experiencing leaks or funny smells coming from your guttering then it is definitely time to get it checked, repaired or possibly replaced.  Unless you are super confident in working at heights and have the correct tools and support to undertake this task yourself, make sure you call in the experts, such as Absolute Gutters.  Not only will they be able to get the job done quickly for you; they will also ensure you don’t end up adding to those ladder hospitalisation statistics.

5 Quick & Easy Reasons Why Porcelain is Perfect for Kitchen Countertops

kitchen counter

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when planning your kitchen renovation will be deciding on which material to use for your kitchen countertops. There are so many different types, each with their own unique features, pros and cons. In addition to that, everyone you talk to is going to have a different opinion and before long you’ll find yourself tearing your hair out. Our advice is to relax and understand that no matter what choice you make, you’ll be happy. Sure, there are advantages and disadvantages to all of them, but what matters is that you find the one that it most suitable for your needs and desires. Continue reading “5 Quick & Easy Reasons Why Porcelain is Perfect for Kitchen Countertops”

How to Find a Good Cleaner

In today’s hectic and busy society where many of us find ourselves working such long hours and doing so much hard work that we rarely even have time to spend with our families. The long hours combined with your physical fatigue can make everyday chores seem like the end of the world.


After all, who wants to come home from a hard day’s work to be confronted with a mountain of washing up, the unmapped floors and unmade beds? It’s no wonder then that some people are so fed up with this cycle of neglect that they look into employing the services of a professional cleaner to handle all of their domestic needs to save themselves the effort.

A good cleaner should take that weight off of your shoulders by coming to your house however often you require and taking care of some of the more menial tasks that life throws at us like the mopping, sweeping, dusting and hovering. However it’s not as simple as waving your finger over pages of the phone book and if you want a great clean every time it’s important that you find the right residential cleaning service to help you with this, often times they vary in price, level of service, and unfortunately, quality of work. So we have compiled a few helpful hints to help you along the way of finding a great cleaner.


Naturally, when you employ the service of any kind of tradesman or contractor you won’t want to just commit to the first person to quote you. If you care to take a look in your local phonebook, we are willing to bet that are at least 10 different companies that are offering this service to you. All of which will vary in terms of quality of service, quality of work and the actual price quoted to you. It’s therefore important that you get a variety of different quotes to assess the potential pros and cons of using that particular company and then pick the best one of the bunch.

Things to look out for are whether or not they provide the requested services within the quote offered, whether or not your company provides the cleaning products, expects you to provide them, or charges you an additional fee for them. Also check with the company providing the quote on how long they approximate the work will take them, if for example, you are asking for your 4 bedroom townhouse to be deep cleaned don’t expect it to be completed in an unrealistic timeframe as we are sure you are aware, proper cleaning can take time. Also be sure to ask them about their insurance and relevant licensing from local authorities.

The cleaner


When you have found a company who provides a reasonable level of service for a good price and you are happy to go ahead and get one of their staff out to your home, you need to ensure that they come over to begin with on a trial basis. You still pay them, naturally; however, this means that you haven’t committed to multiple cleaning sessions and you have the opportunity to assess the cleaners work and make sure that it is up to the standard that you need. This also gives you the opportunity to see just how punctual and professional the company will be ongoing.

However, when your cleaner is carrying out the work, be sure to give them the benefit of the doubt when assessing their work. It’s very possible that if something you required cleaning was skipped or not done to the correct standard. It is because they may possibly have been misinformed by the company as to what you wanted from them. If it’s not up to the standard the first time around, be sure to talk with the cleaner first. Go over what you wanted again and then get them around next time for a second clean. By this point, if the work is still below what you expect then it may be worth finding a different cleaning service to handle your requirements. Also be sure to share your concerns with the company itself and see if an alternative solution can be found.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this article, be sure to click the following link if you would like to see an example of cleaning rates.

Swimming Pool Faults

swimming pool

If you have a swimming pool at some point you will need to make some basic, and not so basic, repairs. It may be a wonderful addition to a property but a pool needs to be maintained, and even with regular maintenance there will be the occasional issue which demands a bit of extra time and money. As the saying goes – forewarned is forearmed, so let’s look at some common faults which every pool owner may have to deal with over the years. Continue reading “Swimming Pool Faults”