Swimming Pool Faults

If you have a swimming pool at some point you will need to make some basic, and not so basic, repairs. It may be a wonderful addition to a property but a pool needs to be maintained, and even with regular maintenance there will be the occasional issue which demands a bit of extra time and money. As the saying goes – forewarned is forearmed, so let’s look at some common faults which every pool owner may have to deal with over the years.

broken tileBroken Tiles – If above the waterline no problem, if below, possible problem. The prospect of draining a pool to fix a few cracked tiles seems a bit of a chore but that’s what should be be done. This isn’t a particularly technical job and most pool owners are capable of carrying the task out successfully. However, there are companies who can be hired to make it a painless job. Replacement tiles and adhesives can be bought at many pool suppliers and once the pool is drained and dry it’s only a five minute task to fix a new one in place.

Discoloured Tiles – Again, the best way to fix this problem is by draining a pool and allowing the surfaces to dry properly before applying a suitable detergent and stain remover. This may have to be done more than once to get the desired result. It care should be taken to remove all the detergent thoroughly before filling the pool again. Detergents can cause severe irritation for may people, and the effects of these chemicals on filters may cause some deterioration.

Suitable cleaning chemicals can be purchased at most reputable pool supplies.

Replace Metal Work – Depending on the fittings, some metal work may be replaced without draining a pool. Steps and rail brackets are generally designed to make it easy for a pool owner to fit new components, however older pools, or pools which need to have fixtures re-drilled will need to be drained. Most pool suppliers can provide the necessary materials to replace any broken metal components in a pool, and there are several pool repair businesses throughout Australia who can perform this task for those who feel it is beyond their abilities.


pump replacementPump Replacement – At some point a pool pump will have to be replaced. The time frame depends on the level of maintenance the pool has received beforehand. If filters have been regularly cleaned or replaced, and if the moving parts in the pump have been regularly lubricated the system may run without fault for many years. However, a neglected pump will fail much sooner if not cared for. Luckily there are several companies throughout Australia who can provide competitively priced replacement pumps. Also, these companies can be called on to carry out the repair if a pool owner feels the task is beyond their ability. Companies like Strongman Pumps online have an impressive selection of pumps to suit most pool systems.