5 Reasons Why Custom Built Flight Cases Are Awesome

Do you regularly ship expensive equipment when you go flying from A to B? Whether its for your work or you’re shipping personal equipment, you should make sure that your equipment and goods are adequately protected. You could buy generic flight cases, though if you want the very best, then you’re going to have to go about things a little differently.

In this post, we are going to look at custom built flight cases and 5 of the major benefits of investing in them. Here’s why:


1 – Cost Effective

You might have to pay a little extra for a custom built flight case, however you will ultimately end up saving money in the long run. First of all, you can have your flight case tailored specifically to what you need. So, if you’re transporting an oddly shaped item, you won’t have to fit it into a much larger case and pay extra for the weight, – instead you can fit your item in perfectly. In addition to that, a high-quality custom built case is going to have a far longer lifespan than that of your average case, meaning that you won’t have to replace them as regularly which is another huge benefit. Quite simply, you pay for what you get and when you’re transporting expensive goods with high sentimental value, it’s important to spend a little extra for the peace of mind.

2 – Quality Workmanship

Any reputable custom flight case manufacturer worth their salt will pride themselves in building the finest goods. If you want the finest quality craftsmanship, then you’ll have to invest in something a little more special than a generic flight case. Such quality craftsmanship guarantees that your flight case will be durable and stand the test of time which is exactly what you need when regularly transporting expensive equipment.

3 – Warranty

Leading on from quality craftsmanship, if you buy custom-made flight cases from a truly reputable and reliable company then you should have some serious warranty on your flight case, which is always a bonus. Aerolyte custom built cases for example come with 7 years warranty, so you know that you’ll be getting exactly what you pay for, and more.

flight case

4 – Customisable

It’s in the name: ‘custom built flight cases’, and that’s the best part about it. You get to customise your own case in order to suit your needs and desires perfectly. The problem with buying generic flight cases is that they’re not always entirely appropriate for what it is that you’re transporting. On the other hand, by investing in your own custom built cases you can get exactly what you’re looking for.

5 – No More Worries

There’s a great deal of anxiety that comes with transporting expensive equipment, particularly if those items are crucial for your work. If you want peace of mind, every time you get on a flight, then we would highly recommend that you buy some custom-built cases to protect your gear. You will have so many assurances, from durability and quality, that you’ll no longer have to stress about whether your equipment is being handled with care.