Catering for a Special Event

Big events and even not so big events can be great fun for guests but a headache for the people behind the scenes. Trying to organise anything more than an intimate dinner party can become a bit of an ordeal if not properly planned in advance. Luckily there are people we can turn to.

People with the skill and expertise to make such an event a fantastic spectacle, and alleviate some of the stress that always seems to accompany organising a social gathering.

foodOne superb way to take some of the heat out of things is to hire in a company to deal with catering. A lot of us like to cook but rustling up dozens or even hundreds of meals for an occasion throws up an entirely  different set of problems. The logistics alone can be traumatic for the average party-arranger, let alone the choice of menu, drinks, decor, seating, and schedule. And most people who embark on an events project soon wish they had outsourced some of the more tricky elements to capable providers. Very quickly the enthusiasm for an event can vanish when the sheer scale of the project becomes apparent. Fortunately there are many companies in Australia to turn to.  Fine cuisine catering by Dining Abode is one example of a Sydney based company who can handle even the biggest events. Companies like this can provide all the necessary expertise and material, and offer guidance in menu preparation, beverage, and seating. Usually, people who hire caterers already have an idea of what kind of an event they want to hold, and a collaboration between the two can establish the most suitable and cost effective options. However, at times, catering companies can be given very loose parameters regarding an event. Sometimes it is of more value to the customer to let a company deal with every aspect of catering.

If you are considering hiring a catering company here are a few things to consider:

menu design

  • Do you want fine cuisine? A la carte menus are impressive but they can be costly. Is it suitable for the event? A wedding is a great time for fine cuisine but an office Christmas party might not be the right setting.
  • How many guests? You need a rough estimate before hiring a caterer. There is no economical way to provide for an unquantifiable number of attendees. Even if the figure can’t be 100% accurate, there needs to be a good estimate.
  • Do you need bar staff and waiting staff? Not always necessary at smaller events, and not having them can save customers a lot on the overall bill. If a lot of friends and family are in attendance why not do the the bar work yourselves, and passing out food can appear more personal and informal than having an unknown waiter or waitress in attendance.
  • Is the company time flexible? Sometimes a party can stretch way past bedtime. It’s nice to have these guys stick around late into the night. Some do, some don’t. Best to ask.